Putting our ‘Best Friends’ in Perspective ...

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By now, the whole world’s aware of the incredible happenings of a couple of weeks ago, and how the bravery and determination of this heroic dog was responsible for the death of Isis leader Al-Baghdadi.
While speaking with a canine handler attached to the City of Hoover, he referenced what the dog's success in this incident was based upon ...
‘Training, training and then playing’ is word for word what he told me, involving relationship building with her handler. Yes, they even share a bunk together for ultimate bonding.

In his book ‘Talking Dogs’ Sam Mason says, " ... one such occasion l noticed that familiar, endearing tilt of the head as he looked me directly in the face ...? Ranger was seeking MY face! You see, dogs become students of their owners (handler). Their comprehension of spoken human language is limited to a handful of words. Their capacity to understand a creature of far greater intellect is restricted. So they study our movements: facial expressions, hand gestures and other body language ... "

This becoming ‘one’ with their master is all our adorable canines want and need.

All dogs have an insatiable desire to please us (most times! :-) impress us, and of course be rewarded ... Remind us of someone we know?

A lesson we all need from our ‘best friends’ maybe ... In this highly competitive world, building good, strong relationships as we live our lives, has never been more important.

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