For All Our Blessings, We Are Thankful

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On Thursday, November 23, as Americans we officially celebrate Thanksgiving. This is especially meaningful to our family as the countries where we were raised did not celebrate Thanksgiving; well at least not on this day or in the same way.


Although originating nearly 500 years ago based upon agricultural successes, it’s since embraced a wider sense of gratitude …and, as a 100% family-owned business, Borth Naturals is fully aware of our many blessings on a daily basis.

This is the day that after our special meal (which could be anything from roast leg of pork with crackling, to roast leg of lamb)

Roast leg of pork with crafkling

 we sit down to write our Christmas cards and letters to our overseas friends and family, so we can mail in time. We remember the past and give thanks for the present. We still find the written word more meaningful than an email!!

Wendy then ices the family Christmas Cake – doused with plenty of brandy prior to that, and wrapped in almond paste...allowing plenty of time to mature for Christmas day. Mmmm, can taste it now.

 As Psalm 69 reminds ‘I will praise the name of God with a song; I will magnify Him with thanksgiving’.

So, today… we give thanks in the truest sense of the biblical word, we offer God our praises and acknowledge to Him that He is the Giver of all good gifts

We declare the love of the working members of our family
to this beautiful land that opened it's door to us

The eagerness of our growing base of customers, and

The warmest encouragement you’re always giving us
You’re without doubt a most precious asset, because without your trust and loyalty our world would be much different.

Being an integral part of our Family, thank you dear friends, as we wish you a blessed, safe and loving Thanksgiving surrounded by your loved ones.

Ray, Wendy, Celeste and Ryan



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