Is Easter Just A Bunny?

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Ancient tradition and folklore seems to have the origins in what was then the ‘Festival of Eostre’, which took place during medieval times. Eostre was the goddess of fertility, who’s animal symbol was a Bunny. That in turn symbolized Spring and New Life.
Easter bunny
Also, because rabbits are known for their energetic breeding patterns, Eostre supposedly layed, decorated and hid her eggs, which were then handed out to good children. Indeed, a heartwarming story which hopefully will live on for generations.
More importantly, and without any ambiguity some 2000 years ago, Jesus was sentenced to death for claiming to be the ‘Son of God’. His resurrection 3 days later, defeating both death and sin,  celebrates the Christian occasion of Easter. Even today, and in so many ways, Springtime and New Life characterizes Good News and Love for all of us.
So this weekend, as we bathe in the purple, white and gold of this joyous occasion borthnaturals wishes you many blessings, together with safe and special activities / reflections of your own.

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