Getting to Know Us

Hi friends, this is Ray, and together with my wife, Wendy, we founded BORTH NATURALS. You see, l was fortunate enough to have been born and raised in the seaside paradise of Borth in Wales, U.K., where the sound of seagulls and crashing surf is the only alarm the town’s small population needs each morning.


Here, everything's natural and fresh, from the homespun yarn of hillside sheep, to the dawn fresh catch of returning fishing boats. It was in Borth some 70 years ago that my grandmother made her first products for our family’s use. I remember so well how each of these smelt like the flowers, leaves and herbs of the gardens, woods and forest from which they were made.

It was this boyhood memory of homemade items, created from ALL NATURAL ingredients such as rosemary, lavender, dandelion and chamomile, that inspired us to provide our nourishing, luxurious holistic remedies.

Adding unparalleled character and home-spun charm comes Wendy, born in the beautiful land of Zimbabwe, in southern Africa, and raised in the tiny, mountainous Kingdom of Lesotho where horses, chickens, ducks and composting were her natural world.

Her influence can be felt in the antioxidant-rich herbal rooibos tea that's contained in many of our products, and is grown in the Western Cape region of southern Africa.


Today, we’re thankful to be based in the United States, in “Alabama the Beautiful.” Our commitment remains to total wellness - which means each item is meticulously hand-crafted to offer you self-confidence that they're good for both you, and the earth.



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