Christmas Blessings

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A special message from our family to yours as we excitedly prepare to celebrate our Saviors birth in just a few days.

The magical sounds and sights of Christmas are all around us. Our stores and familiar places are filled with the enchanting atmosphere of a winter wonderland. Sparkling lights and adorned Christmas trees proudly display our loving gifts, with angelic carols being sung among nativity settings in many of our churches. We’re so reminded of what a truly wonderful time of year this is. At our home the fireplace conjures up special memories for Wendy and me as our parents would light the wood fire to provide warmth during the cold months. We were reminiscing of how Wendy's dad and my grandfather would hold a newspaper across the front of the fireplace to create a draught and help get the fire going!
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Although remnants of the Covid burdens still linger, it’s so nice to begin sharing our wonderful American good cheer, blessings and unmasked laughter with each other once again.

Wendy and I will be particularly blessed this year by family and grandkids visiting us in ‘Alabama the Beautiful’ from good old snowy Michigan.

 As we pull our Christmas crackers with whoever is sitting next to us, until they "snap" with a cracking sound, spilling out jokes, a paper crown and a surprise gift, we remember our family across the ocean who are not with us but enjoying the same silly nonsense at their tables. 

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Like with so many families around the country, the kitchen is always the most popular gathering area! And of course after exploring the magical contents of all those coloured wrappings on Christmas morning, warm hugs and cherished memories will glow in every room. I have been eyeing that Christmas cake Wendy made a month ago - which has been slowly maturing - and it has taken all my willpower not to cut it. I was threatened.

We send you our very best wishes for a safe, happy and merry Christmas.

Ray and Wendy 

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