Do You Need A Rx?

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Here’s an interesting thing to do ...

Following through on our ‘big name’ personal items article, try Googling some of the brands that immediately come to mind, (you know who!) and check their ingredients.

Then, search for how those ingredients are described, and see if they remind you of your chemistry class! Many of these ingredients by the way are the very items you do NOT want to allow anywhere near your skin.

Chemicals vs. Glycerin

Our epidermis layer is porous and can act like a sponge absorbing whatever it comes in contact with. For economical manufacturing processes the majority of commercially made soaps contain synthetic lathering agents, chemical preservatives, dyes and fragrances ... all of which are harsh on the skin.

A simple, but impish question might be why many commercially produced bar soaps are robbed of one of nature’s most natural by-products during manufacture, i.e. glycerin. These companies remove this valuable humectant (which attracts moisture from the air to our skin) and make it available to other avenues making lotions and creams.

Without glycerin, soap is drying and less gentle on the skin.

In our next messages we’ll cover the ingredients and methods used in handcrafting the 100% natural, small-batch items we make here at Borth Beach Soapery.

A feature that normally goes hand-in-hand with the way we do things is that your skin becomes noticeably brighter and nourished... the way it probably looked years ago!

Watch closely for our next message - as to what makes BBS’s products so different to those you’ve used previously.

Talk again soon.

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