ROOIBOS Herbal Tea – not your typical ‘morning cuppa’!

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Whether it’s becoming a Wimbledon champion, or winning a World Cup, you’ll always find individual ingredients that contribute to making things possible...although Borth Beach Soapery only formulates with proven 100% natural ingredients we still can’t claim that any one of our products will lead you to that elusive Fountain! We are however constantly reminded of the results our natural products achieve because of our ingredients. The first one we’ll introduce you to is

ROOIBOS Herbal Tea – not your typical ‘morning cuppa’!
Rooibos Tea

Along with the history of Borth Beach over thousands of years, the medicinal origins of our Rooibos herbal tea also go back some 5,000 years BC

The story of Rooibos

The Cedarberg mountains (South Africa) are the only place in the world where Rooibos with its extraordinary health properties grows naturally and is sundried naturally. South Africa is also the former home of one of the founders of our company, Wendy, who blends a wealth of her rural African knowledge and expertise into many of our unique product formulations.

Why Rooibos for your skin?

  1.  Rooibos is rich in alpha hydroxy and zinc, both important nutrients for the skin.
  2. Zinc heals wounds, protects against UV rays and has anti-inflammatory properties, which could alleviate acne, pimples and sunburn.
  3. Rooibos contains high levels of vitamins and minerals such as calcium, copper, potassium and vitamin D.
  4. Rooibos is enriched with ‘superoxide dismutase’, which is known as an effective anti-ageing substance, whilst boosting the production of new, healthy skin cells.
  5. Natural flavonoids (plant pigments) are found in Rooibos at high levels, which help in preventing skin disorders/recurrence such as eczema and acne.

By the way, we hand-brew all the Rooibos herbal tea used in our recipes which is introduced at a defined temperature.

To learn more visit for details of our other featured ingredients – we will cover French green clay in our next message.

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