Brrr! - and Winter is just around the corner ...

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It’s that time of the year again. Usually beginning this month, and on until Jan/Feb we’re constantly asked ... ‘my skin’s becoming so dry, what do you suggest l use’? Are you wondering why your ‘normal’ soaps or lotions are just not doing the job!

During the next few days l’ll be covering this subject in much detail - but in the meantime the short answer is that as consumers of both genders, we’re exposed to such prolific media advertising, advocating the use of commercial grade products, promising to deliver everything that stops just short of the Fountain of Youth!

Next time you’re at the store, being lured by all those ‘intensive’ this and ‘advanced’ that lotions and potions - reach for their ingredient lists for a sinister expose to their ‘artificial‘ world. They’ll usually include petroleum derivatives, synthetic fillers, hardeners and more, some of which are actually recognized as carcinogens!

As we cover these topics in some detail during the next few days, we’ll also be covering not only the items your largest organ craves for, but why ...

To come, more important, but little known reading ...


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