Keep Your Feet On The Ground

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Keep your feet on the ground ... can often be good advice! BUT all too common is a thing called stinky feet! (Bromodosis)

You see, feet have more vital sweat glands than any other part of the body, and they’re very important for keeping the body moist. BUT it’s at this point that they meet up with the naturally occurring foot bacteria, whose function is to break down the sweat being produced. This very natural and ongoing process rarely causes problems - unless the pair are ignored, and allowed to build-up, thus causing the foul odor that everyone is familiar with. Until the bacteria is eliminated the funk will continue every time your feet sweat.

However, with proper hygiene, this often-embarrassing condition can easily be eliminated within a few days with the right help…you can’t just cover it up by masking with other scents.

Our Borth Beach FRESH FEET 100% natural foot powder fights bacteria and reduces odor, and along with one of our natural foot balms will invariably be the only treatment your hard-working feet will ever need. We use arrowroot and not corn starch (which promotes yeast that contributes to athletes’ foot), along with French green clay to absorb the moisture and soothe your skin. Neem powder with peppermint, rosemary and tea tree essential oils are included to kill the bacteria and prevent fungus, plus they smell so good!

Reclaim your Fresh Feet with 100% confidence today. (insert link)

Fresh Foot Powder

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