Miracles- -St David's Day and Now

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Having it’s origin in Wales, U.K - BORTH BEACH SOAPERY celebrates  St. David’s Day this Monday  (3/1). Although this patron saint died in 589 A.D the tradition is still very much alive, and is celebrated extensively within Wales as well as many ‘pockets’ of Welsh activity throughout the World.

St. David was born to Lady Non, a beautiful nun and Prince Sandde of Ceredigion  Miracles started happening while Non was pregnant, leading people to believe that she carried a great soul in her womb. She gave birth in the middle of a violent storm, and her baby boy was born in a sea of brilliant light. It is said that St. David's birth had been foretold 30 years before by an angel to St. Patrick and he was know to have performed several miracles.

While Borth Beach Soapery was conceived some 1,500 years after our friend David, we do not pretend to have performed any miracles! However, our  many awesome customers make us feel as if we do....with the many notes and reviews we receive sharing the huge difference our products make in their lives - and the lives of their beloved dogs.
So now, try saying ‘Gwyl Dewi Sant hapus’!  In English that would be ‘Happy St David’s Day.

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