Christmas Cheer

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As the weeks roll along, and Thanksgiving is now a warm memory - suddenly Christmas is in the air. Lights and Christmas trees are beginning to sparkle as Santa begins practicing for his big day, and the enchanting sound of carols is heard all around - Oh what a wonderful time of year this really is.

For over a year now, our world has been challenged like never before, so how nice it is to try and put aside our Covidian burdens by sharing our wonderful American good cheer, laughter and blessings across country - and with family and friends across many lands.

Christmas Eve in our home is always special as our granddaughters have learned from Wendy how to make our traditional trifle that we enjoy on Christmas Day. They proudly are able to make the homemade custard and assemble the delicious concoction superbly. Here is a photo from previous years - they certainly get those lady fingers well-saturated with Sherry. The secret is to not skimp on the Sherry and cook the custard until thick enough but don't allow it to boil!

After ravaging the colored wrappings on Christmas morning, and exploring the magical contents, the long anticipated Christmas Table will be laid. Many cultures will serve equally scrummy cuisines, with every gathering creating magical moments, warm hugs and cherished memories - pictures of which will be sent around a personal world that knows no digital boundaries.

As we excitedly prepare to celebrate our Saviour’s birth, we’ll be visiting family in frosty Michigan, and probably experiencing a beautiful "white Christmas". So as each one of you, together with your families enjoy this very special celebration, Wendy and l wish you a very Happy Christmas as we anticipate a blessed 2022 for all of us.

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