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Here at Borth Beach Soapery, nurturing our valuable customers with closely guarded recipes is not all we do!

By spending time with you, both Online - and in person at craft festivals, we’re increasingly discovering that what you desire more than anything is personal contact. You need to know who we are, and what puts our products among the best brands available anywhere. You’re interested in all the natural ingredients we use, and exactly why they’re included in our formulas in order to create that amazing Borth difference.

Friends, we’re listening to you...Borth Beach Soapery is totally ready for your questions, and encourages you to ask us anything you’d like to know ...

Need to know about ingredients? Just ASK
Have questions about a particular item? Just ASK
Questions you may have about a personal, or a friends’ problem area? Just ASK
Interested in our family, our history or our mission statement? Just ASK

For instance

Q: A number of your products have beeswax as an ingredient – your balms, salves and even body butter – is this sustainable?

 A: Really good question as there is much written on this subject.

Our beeswax is sourced from farmers who cherish their bees and treat them as nature intends. They manage their own hives, and only collect the excess wax produced. The ongoing health of their hives is their livelihood.

Beeswax is an amazing product. Like most biological features, the wax serves a vital purpose within the hive. The worker bees secrete the wax and then use it to build the honeycomb structure. In this way, the wax is an essential part of the honeybee’s life.

 Our doors are open…we’ll answer all your questions and strive to exceed your every need.  


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