What's In A Name

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Is it ‘Fall’ ? Do we call it ‘Autumn’ ? or maybe, if we’re really trying to impress, ‘Autumnal Equinox’? Whichever we choose, in the Northern hemisphere they all arrive on the 22nd September each year, and are gladly embraced by most of us as we transition from the heat of Summer...
And how all of us love landscapes exploding into vibrant yellows, orange and reds as we stand guard for Halloween and Thanksgiving...and who doesn’t mind the extra hour in bed :-) 

A coincidence?
Which came first, the leaves on Mother Nature’s trees, or our all enveloping body skin?
Although debatable, what we do know is that the tree, in order to protect its water content, actually produces a seal between itself and the leaf stem. By doing this, moisture is cut off from the leaf itself, causing it to become dehydrated, with a changing drying ageing appearance.

Sound familiar?
At this time of the year, we’re all familiar with the drier air, and the effect this immediately has on our skin...which becomes tighter, loses its elasticity and can feel dry and scratchy. In other words it’s screaming for attention! So here at Borth Naturals we've been at work bringing about easy answers for you.
For those who enjoy a warm, relaxing and soothing bath at this time of year, check out our therapeutic bath salts that help balance skin oils, detoxify and improve circulation. And, don't go anywhere without our concentrated and nourishing, solid dandelion + lavender lotion bars which are packaged in  a convenient, reusable metal tin.
We're keeping you covered. Talk again soon.

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