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Evidence still exists on Borth Beach today of a sunken forest that legend records as dating back to the Bronze Age, but the history of soap and when it was first created is more recent – 2,800 B.C.! It’s linked to the Babylonians, who were possibly the first to blend animal/vegetable oils, water and wood/plant ash as a base for a cleaning compound.

Sadly, most cleansing preparations made today are blended from chemicals and detergents that can harm and dry your skin. And the natural glycerin, which is created by combining oils, fats and ash together, is often removed by commercial soap companies for use in more profitable products such as expensive body lotions and creams. The irony here is that the removed glycerin, which would have moisturized, cleansed and softened your skin to begin with, now has to be replaced by additional emollients that you have to purchase!

 Liquid soaps, which first appeared around 1866 and which contain alternative harsh chemicals like petroleum derivatives and potassium hydroxide, are known to be even harsher on our bodies.

 Fortunately, Borth Beach Soapery exists for just one main reason: to cater to the ever-growing number of us guys out there who demand a higher and healthier standard of grooming products. You want products made from NATURAL ingredients, products that improve our appearance and make us feel better about ourselves. Products hand-crafted for the richest, creamiest lather and best “man-clean” fragrance you can imagine. We think our bar soaps, made just for men are what you’ve been searching for over a long long time. Luxury at its very best.

When it comes to natural fragrances for grooming products, men’s favorites include cedarwood, French lavender, sweet orange, fir needle, tea tree and frankincense. We use these and other natural essential oil scents to formulate soaps with the smell real men prefer.

So, guys, no matter how you like your meat cooked on that barbecue, what you enjoy as a beverage or what logs you throw on that open-fire, let your soap and all grooming products reflect your unique style, too. Borth Beach Soapery provides you with the best, most natural grooming products you can find anywhere – and made just for you, a real man.

Also, we are here to provide you with the very best personal service, whether online or on the phone. Our products are covered by an ironclad guarantee, “no questions asked” 100% money-back refund.      

OK, fellas, now start feeling renewed and good about what you’re using on your largest organ, your skin.  Give us a try and enjoy that all-natural “man clean” experience…..from the soap squad at Both Beach Soapery.

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