Hadn’t noticed ‘til TODAY! But, Nature never loses any points…

Posted by Ray Cousins on

Just noticed this morning that our fig tree is bursting with new life ... It's never heard of a stock market and is not worried for a thing! A few weeks from now it will be covered in large green leaves with tiny buds forming, and any potential economic recession will be the furthest thing from its juicy figs....

Fig Tree

Yes, this is right on cue, regardless of the panic all around. The sun still shines, the blossoms and buds are out, and the birds are singing. And to think that without this week of Working From Home I wouldn't have noticed it was there, right outside my door. Time to slow down perhaps and get ready for the harvest ahead of us.

So thankful for the goodness surrounding us and maybe now is a good time to sit back, take notice and enjoy.

We pray that you and your family are keeping safe and healthy. Please share with us some things you are enjoying. We love hearing from you.

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