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 Hot Cross Buns, that is. Truth is that unless you make them yourself, they’re scarce in the USA and mainly found only at Easter time – and then predominantly in places such as England, Australia and South Africa.

They are originally thought to have been baked by Anglican monks during the 12th Century, who marked them with a cross in honor of Good Friday.
A sweet bun with yeast, currants/raisins, cinnamon, nutmeg and allspice. In 16th Century England, they became synonymous with magical, medicinal and even superstitious and romantic qualities.

Tales talk about hanging hot cross buns in attics to guard against evil spirits – and being carried by sailors as protection against becoming shipwrecked.

Whilst we have evidence of many shipwrecks occurring historically off Borth Beach, we cannot in all honesty boast that our soaps protect you from physical harm, or that they even contain currants or raisins for that matter! We can however state that our all-natural products keep you looking and smelling amazingly masculine.

So, before enjoying your hot cross bun on Good Friday, ramp up your shower 15 notches with luxurious all-natural soap from Borth Beach Soapery.

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