DRY SHAMPOO - Revive, Refresh, Absorb Oil

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Our all natural, healthy and light-weight dry shampoo powder provides a quick fix between shampoos, after the gym or a busy schedule.

By absorbing excess oils on the scalp and hair, it instantly revives and refreshes your crowning glory. Your hair will be full of bounce and body and smell fresh.

It provides body and texture to thin, limp hair.

We use essential oils which not only smell great but are therapeutic for your scalp and hair.

Ingredients: Organic root vegetables, organic corn starch, Kaolin clay, baking soda, organic nettle leaf powder, organic plantain powder, therapeutic grade essential oils

Directions: Begin with DRY Hair and apply to ROOTS only, after parting your hair into sections. 

Using the shaker applicator, sprinkle a small amount into the palm of your hand and then either use your fingertips or a small make up brush to apply to the roots. Massage the powder into into your scalp. Leave a few mintues for it to do its job then brush your hair to distribute the powder.

Voila! Beautiful, fresh, bouncy hair.



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